University of Canberra Senior Secondary College, Lake Ginninderra, accommodating students from years 11 to 12, was opened in 1987.

The land to which the school is situated on is called by the Ngunnawal people, the Traditional Owners of this land, “Ginnin-ginnin-derry”, meaning, “throwing out little waves of light.” This was based on their observations on the land and waters of this land. The Traditional Owners of this land include the Ngunnawal, the Ngarrugu and the Nalgalu people. The Traditional Owners have been the custodians of this land
for tens of thousands of years, respecting and sustainably caring for
the land and its plant and animal life.

We, as students and teachers of UC SSC, Lake Ginninderra, would like to acknowledge and pay respect to the traditional owners of the land on which we meet – the Ngunnawal People. It is upon their ancestral lands that our college, is built. We would like to acknowledge elders past, present and emerging, for they hold the memories, culture and hopes for Indigenous Australia. We wish to acknowledge and respect their continuing culture and the contribution they make to the life of this city and the Canberra region.

School Curriculum

At UC SSC, Lake Ginninderra College, there is a wide range of courses where students can choose to study either in the Tertiary or Accredited stream. There are nine overarching categories of subject areas:

  • Arts
  • Behavioural Sciences
  • English and Languages
  • Humanities
  • Mathematics
  • Outdoor Education
  • Physical Education
  • Science and Technology
  • Vocational Education (Business Admin, Tourism etc).

UC SSC, Lake Ginninderra offers their students a broad range of courses and opportunities for any prospective and inspiring student, making their futures achievable. 

Global Classroom Team 2022

Mali Wijesundara

GC Coordinator

Amanda Kabaila

GC Consultant

Matthew Phillipps

GC Consultant

Kirk Zwangobani

Executive Teacher

Gerard Barrett

Deputy Principal

Melissa Planten


Katie Jakab Van Dooren


Tunc Can


Mert Boyali

Some Random Guy (Merchandising)

Jemma Rule


Jirah Rontas


Nikita Fulton


Daniel Gray


Jamie Irvine


Ismeta Meskin


Taj De Montis


About the Global Classroom Partnership

The Global Classroom Partnership is an international initiative begun in the Shetland Islands 20 years ago. ​Students from participating schools research and prepare assigned tasks on a set theme to present to the conference. The emphasis is on sharing learning between schools, with the ethos that students can ‘learn locally but think globally’. 

Our Global Classroom Partners